Peace, Music and Togetherness

Peace, Music and Togetherness

Dear Copperpeace and Peace General Friends,

The past weeks and upcoming weeks are a time of great introspection for all of us.  It is the first time in my life that I am seeing the entire world experiencing something together.  Viruses don't discriminate, we are all in this together.   I have been happily overwhelmed seeing my musician friends and Copperpeacer's from around the globe unite at such a time.   It has forced me to go inward more than ever before and begin writing and thinking in a new way. Now we have the focused time to enable deep work.  It has made me grateful for all of the concerts and crowds I have fearlessly danced through over the years--without a worry in the world.

My dear readers, Now is the time we must stay Strong, Loving and Positive more than ever before!  Much fear is being passed around.  And although it is for reason, please don't let it consume your creativity, expression and vibrancy.  Now more than ever we must unite with good energy (separately unite, yet nevertheless).

How I yearn for a day when we can all hop on a plane or go to a club and be free from these current health concerns.

 For now, take this time and make the best art of your life!  Visit those projects you've had on your shelves and never made time for.  Be fully present with your partners, children and family members if you are able. Contact a friend--especially if you know someone who might be alone during this time.  Loneliness is can be just as deadly as a virus.

And last but not least, PLAY MUSIC!  Have a digital jam session.  Record into whatever device you have--even if it s a tape recorder.  Send me your music.  I want to hear it!  

Also support your local business', it's so important that we come out of this with them alive and well.  While I do have personal concerns of my own, as I'm sure many do right now, I am confident we'll stay strong together.

If you are interested in consuming more of my thoughts, please head on over to which is my online mindfulness, life and travel journal.  

Lots of Love and Well Wishes,

J. Lynn


Below are some questions I put together for my personal blog.  I'd like to share them with you and if you're so inspired please journal about them and share this post with others whom it may help~

  1. How is your mind and body feeling right now?
  2. Are there any old emotions lingering in your body? Identify them. 
  3. What do you have right now that you are grateful for?
  4. What is fact and what stories are you falsely telling yourself?
  5. Imagine your healthiest and happiest self. What does that look and feel like?