What is the best guitar strap for my Les Paul?

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What is the best guitar strap for my Les Paul?

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a guitar strap for your Les Paul. First, because the Les Paul is a heavier guitar, you'll want a strap that can support its weight. Second, because the Les Paul has a full body, you'll want a strap that is wide enough to support it.  If comfort is the goal look for a strap that is at least 2 inches wide. If you are looking for style and durability as well as to mimic the original strap worn by Les Paul you could consider a skinny black leather Copperpeace Oldstyle guitar strap with cushion(the cushion is 2" wide).  Though just be aware the skinnier the strap the less support for the heavier Les Paul's.  Our customers have found that the Homerun guitar strap is an excellent match for a Les Paul guitar and if you look at later photos of Les Paul playing you will see he also switched to a wider leather strap similar to the Copperpeace Homerun guitar strap later in his playing days. And finally, because the Les Paul is an iconic guitar, you'll want a strap that looks good with it - look for a strap in a classic color like black or brown. With these things in mind, you're sure to find the perfect guitar strap for your Les Paul.

Gibson Les Paul owners tend to prefer straps that are made of leather or other high-quality materials so that they endure with the life of the guitar and wont break or snap with the weight. It's an expensive guitar and not worth the risk of using a cheap strap. With all of this in mind, here are our three of the best guitar strap recommendations for Les Pauls:

1. The first option is the Homerun Guitar Strap from Copperpeace. This strap is made from heavy-duty baseball glove leather and can support up to 50+ pounds. It's also adjustable from 36" to 54", so it should be able to accommodate most body sizes.  The smooth garment leather lining is a bonus for easy movement on your shoulder and if you're dressed up like dear old Les, then it won't stick to your suit or pull at your shirt.  

2. Another great option is the Copperpeace HaVanna Nights Guitar Strap. This strap is 2 inches wide, made from durable Italian canvas, has a sleek black and white design, plus is easily adjustable with an antique metal slider from 40" to 65".  It also has the durable black baseball glove leather end tabs with a red suede detail on the underside.

3. The Copperpeace Old Style guitar strap must be on the list simply because it is considered to be in the style of the original guitar strap that Les Paul wore with this guitar.  In fact Copperpeace even crafts their Old Style guitar strap in the same family run belt shop that made some of Les Pauls original skinny leather guitar straps. This strap is on longer side adjusting from 45"-60" and can even be custom fitted by special request to you desired length.  The add-on Copperpeace cushioned guitar strap pad will help disperse the weight on your shoulder and even has a nifty pick pocket to store your guitar picks.