Copperpeace Homerun Leather Banjo Strap

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The Copperpeace premium Brown Baseball Leather Banjo Strap is proudly crafted in the USA for discerning musicians who demand nothing but the best. Designed with both style and functionality in mind, this strap is a must-have accessory for any banjo-player.


  • Genuine, high-quality brown baseball leather weathers beautifully 
  • Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring exceptional quality and durability.
  • Smooth garment leather lining allows easy movement on shoulder.
  • Signature Copperpeace 'Pick Pocket' & Medallion.
  • Two styles of attachment: loop around brackets with Chicago screws or use laces for cradle style attachment.
  • The supple texture of the leather and 2" width provides unparalleled comfort, even during extended playing sessions.
  • Carefully selected materials guarantee a strap that not only looks remarkable but also stands the test of time.
  • The rich, earthy tones of the leather give the strap a distinct character and add a touch of sophistication to your instrument.
  • Made by skilled artisans in the USA, ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship and authenticity.
  • Includes Copperpeace cloth dust-bag

Elevate your playing experience with our Brown Baseball Leather Banjo Strap. Whether you're a professional musician or a passionate hobbyist, this strap will not only enhance your style but also provide you with the utmost comfort and reliability. Invest in quality, and let your talent shine with this premium banjo strap.

❂ Handmade in the USA ❂

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3 reviews

5 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Michael Davis from Sweden on Feb 21, 2017
Straps from Copperpeace does not let you down. This strap will be used with my new plectrum banjo assembled from salvaged parts from old banjos. A Vega neck and a Paramount Leader pot from the twenties.
Michael Davis from Sweden on Jun 26, 2015
I'm very pleased with my new banjo strap from Copper Peace. It feels so smooth like it has been used for years. The great advantage is it's long enough to fit around me where other leather straps I've tried have been to short. The quality and craftmanship is top of the line. When I need another strap it'll be a Copperpeace.
Tony L. from NW Arkansas on Oct 26, 2014
I am finally replacing the banjo strap I made about 35 years ago! The reason I chose the Homerun, over others, is it's all-leather, and looks to be highly-adjustable. When the strap arrived, I was impressed with the construction, and quality of the leather! It is soft, but not "too" soft. Adjustment is easy, and I found the right fit in no time. The only recommendation I have, for Copperpeace, is to use metal Chicago screws to hold the ends together. The plastic ones, that come with the strap, are way too prone to failure, considering the weight of a banjo. I wouldn't chance them. If you get this strap, get some brass Chicago screws to replace the cheap plastic ones, or you may end up with a "banjo in the low ground!"
Response from PEACE // General Store
Oct 26, 2014
Thank you for review, Tony!

And I am so flattered you chose our strap as your first one after having the same one for 35 years!! Also glad you were able to use brass chicago screws. Maybe we can add the option for our customers. I know some folks prefer the nylon(plastic) screws so they don't scratch their banjo. But brass ones are definitely a good option! (:

Many thanks,