Gibson Les Paul Guitar - Framed Art Print of 1950's Patent

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The history of the Gibson Les Paul changed the electric guitar world.

In 1945, Les Paul – already a respected guitar innovator – presented Gibson with his idea for a solid-body Spanish guitar--Les called his prototype “The Log” – not an awe-inspiring name, but entirely apt for what was essentially a chunk of pine with some bits bolted on it.
While Les recognized that solid-bodies were the future of electric guitar production, Gibson didn’t initially share his enthusiasm and ridiculed the concept and rejected the prototype.  Over time however this guitar became enthusiatically embraced and rare existing models produced from 1954-1956 remain to be some of the most collectible guitars in the world today.  
This print is an eye-catching reproduction of the original patent for a Les Paul.  Beautiful for any room in your house. Imagine have it hanging right next to your guitar and Copperpeace strap!
Details and Features:
  • Dimensions: 13" x 19"
  • Classic and Iconic Modern Framed Design
  • Rendering of this Gibson Les Paul Guitar from 1955 printed with an authentic Chalkboard style look
  • Clear non-glare Plexiglas 
  • Hand-framed in a Black 1.2" frame
  • Ready to hang includes hardware
  • Resistant Shatter Proof Construction
  • Ultra HD Printing and Vivid Colors

Proudly Made in the USA by Oliver Gal Artist Co.

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