Company Founder, J. Lynn

Both Copperpeace and the Peace General Brand were founded by creative entrepreneur, J. Lynn, on her mission for spreading peace through her innate gifts with product and design.  Holding a lifelong passion for music, theatre and crafts, her focus has always been on unique skilled makers and items that not only tell a story, though become apart of your story.  

J. Lynn or 'Jza Jza', as her nephew and friends kids lovingly call her, began crafting clothes pin dolls when she was five years old and selling them at a local craft fair.  It was this early experience that would set the stage for a lifetime interest in entrepreneurship, handmade design and artisans. She then began designing all of her doll clothing and halloween costumes, which her mom would help her assemble from scratch.  At age seven she performed in her first musical and learned the true magic of transformation through a beautiful costume.  Performing in many shows thereafter, J. Lynn was always extra interested in the costume department that would help prep her for the stage.
Attending eight summers at Interlochen Arts Academy, J. Lynn continued down a creative path, becoming well versed in a variety of artistic mediums including block printing, ceramics, collage, and leather work.   Between symphony, operetta and dance rehearsals she would retreat to art classes.  Tactile crafts were always a place of therapeutic comfort whatever the medium may be.  
During her fourth year of film school in North Carolina, J. Lynn rediscovered her passion for working with textiles through a costume class where she ambitiously designed a custom 17th century silk shirt. While buying materials for the project she noticed a hide of leather at the fabric store.  Around the same time she had taken up banjo and didn't have a strap--so she bought the leather and the first Copperpeace strap was born.
Since then J. Lynn has taken her passion for traditional craft arts even further, learning everything from Portuguese corn husk weaving in the Azores, to studying traditional Chinese calligraphy, learning Japanese ikebana(floral arranging), and even apprenticing with a Mexican cowboy boot maker.  It is J. Lynn's voracious interest in arts and culture that inspires her unique travels around the globe and drives much of the creative inspiration behind Copperpeace and Peace General.