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Summer adventuring and need a way to hang on to that mask?  Going in and out of your car and public places and spaces?  We want to make your life easier and safer with a Mask Lanyard!  

Now you can easily hang onto that mask, plus avoid losing it on your trails and littering our planet.  Recently we were shocked to see how many masks are being fished out of oceans and lakes, polluting our earth.  That's why we were inspired to create this exclusive product for you.  

Please Mask responsibly! Masking is important right now and our lanyard can help you feel more comfortable wearing your mask.  When you're driving or not using, simply wear around your neck with this soft simple accessory.  

Awesome Features:

  • Durable Deerskin Leather is Soft, Stylish and Comfortable.  It's hardly noticeable that the lanyard is there and feels very natural against your skin.  
  • Anti-Viral Chicago Screws made of pure copper used to attach/detach lanyard.  Tighten with a guitar pick, flathead screwdriver or coin(US dime is perfect thinness)
  • Washable with cold water (use wash bag if putting in machine. Note: Leather may stretch or change appearance after washing. Still strong and usable. For best maintenance of lanyard you can remove before washing your mask.
  • Adjustable holes offer length options for different size necks.  Adjusts from 17"-20".

Additional Notes: 

If you do wash this leather or get it wet, it may change slightly in texture, appearance(width) and possibly stretch in length.  Washing in cold water is recommended and in a wash bag if putting in machine.  If washing with other items, make sure to wash with dark colors as the leather can sometimes bleed, especially if water is hot.

We are working on a vegan/non-leather version in future, though for now you can rely on this super strong and soft deerskin feeling and functioning excellently around your mask and neck.  

Copper chicago screws used for attachment are naturally anti-viral and easy to open or close with a flathead screwdriver, guitar pick or coin(a US dime works well).

MASK is NOT INCLUDED.  This is a lanyard only for attachment to your mask of choice.

Made in the USA

2 reviews

5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Jackie Barry from Olympia on Mar 12, 2021
I received a mask lanyard as a gift. Not only is it super stylish, it has made the occasional mask wearing I need to do most days much more convenient. I just hang the lanyard (with mask attached) around my neck before I leave the house in the morning and it's easily accessible at my office if a package delivery person or someone else stops by. No more rummaging through my purse.
Mac Turner from Valley Forge, Pennsylvania on Aug 25, 2020
Living near a large city, Philadelphia, that has been hit hard by Covid 19, my wife, Wendy, and I are consistent face mask users. One of the problems we have run into is how to transport our masks when we are walking in open areas, such as the local parks, and to be ready at a moments notice to put our masks on. Recently, I was perusing the Peace General Store website for a guitar strap and I saw their ad for a Deerskin Leather Mask Lanyard. I immediately purchased two of them (one for each of us). They are terrific. We were amazingly surprised at how well they work. The copper Chicago screws are easy to use and allowed us to individually adjust our fit. Wendy, who was slightly doubtful at first, really loves hers and uses it all of the time. The deerskin is really soft and comfortable. I, we, highly recommend this mask lanyard. I know, who would have thought a year ago that we would be talking about such a thing.